Space Ghosts
My name is Leith.
I collect male sims and lock them in my closet.

I post pictures of my sims and my art work. I very rarely reblog stuff.

I tag all NSFW with
"Sims NSFW"

Went to this place called Ironbridge today, which was the first and is the oldest cast iron bridge in the world… Also there was this couple who got engaged in the middle of the bridge while I walked over and people started clapping which was weird…

When I’m queen of the world, no one will have to get up before 11am

Waking up at 9am should be illegal

Sims 4 Jaq and Plemon are adorable

I’m a selfie posting piece of shit but no, really, I’m working on sims stuff I swear

Therapy was so hard today u-u

I need a hug pls

Gonna try to do a bunch of super spoopy halloweeny stuff this year…

ready for spoop

My face was a mess but my hair was adorable today

Jaq is back with a new and brighter style