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My name is Leith.
I collect male sims and lock them in my closet.

I post pictures of my sims and my art work. I very rarely reblog stuff.

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"What the fuck is wrong with you?" The stranger snarled, pushing Sebastian hard against the wall by his neck.

"I’m hungry," Sebastian struggled against the stranger, trying to get back to his dinner.

"We don’t feed in public," His fangs were out, inches away from Sebastian’s face. "You should know that, fledgling."

Something caught the strangers attention, the smell from him was so overpowering. He dropped Sebastian and knelt down over him, pressing his fingers against his neck, checking for a pulse.

"Is he dead?" Sebastian asked quietly, his senses slowly coming back to him.

The stranger ignored Sebastian and bit down into his wrist, holding his wrist over his mouth, letting the blood drip in. After a few minutes he stirred a little, his eyes fluttered open and he stared around a little.

"I saw you last night," The stranger said to Sebastian, glancing over his shoulder.

"Yeah…" Sebastian nodded, slowly remembering the strangers face from the night before.

"She was your maker, wasn’t she?"

"Uh huh…"


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Your stories are so amazing c:

omg… Thank you *_______________* that means a lot

Sebastian was so hungry, and he smelled so good… Sebastian had smelt him from a few blocks away, and his new heightened senses dragged him through the streets and into a dark alley behind a bar. He was stood all alone halfway down the alley, glancing up at every person who passed by. Sebastian could hear his stomach aching for foodBut all he could think about was how hungry he was.

"Hi," Sebastian loomed over him, staring down into his bright green eyes.

"Hi," He replied, smiling shyly. "Can I help you?"

"I need a drink," Sebastian was almost drooling, his fangs already out causing him to lisp.

"We - we can get one, if you’re paying…" He said quietly, staring up at Sebastian.

Without warning, Sebastian threw him back against the alley wall, pushing his shoulders against the cold bricks. He continued to stare up at Sebastian, his breath shallow and rapid.

"We can do that too… but I ain’t doing anything for free…" He was a little breathless, unaware of the danger he was in.

Sebastian was usually so shy, he wouldn’t dream of approaching a stranger in an alley, let alone force himself upon someone like this. But this new hunger, this new… thirst, was so overpowering that every ounce of sense he had was thrown out of the window.

In a blur he bit down hard on his neck, tearing into his skin, ripping a lump of his neck out. He squeeked, gripping tightly onto Sebastian. He was in too much pain to realize what was happening… Sebastian greadily drunk down the blood, shaking with pleasure as the taste filled his mouth. Just as he was feeling him go limp against him, something suddenly appeared behind him, ripping him away from his victim and threw him hard against the alley wall.

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can I like marry you or something?

jeeze, i dunno whether i’m ready for that commitment…

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Hello! You're amazing!!!!

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I'd tap that


March 14 2014


July 7th 2014

Snowy bridge

Sunrise and sunset

"What do you say we get married on Saturday?"

"This Saturday? But we don’t have a church, or any flowers, and there would be no time to send invites or order a cake or…"

"We don’t need any of that. Just you, me, City Hall, this Saturday."

"Yes! Let’s get married!"