Space Ghosts
My name is Leith.
I collect male sims and lock them in my closet.

I post pictures of my sims and my art work. I very rarely reblog stuff.

I tag all NSFW with
"Sims NSFW"

Slowly getting the hang of making CC for TS4, which for some reason I find easier than making CC for TS3…

But HOPEFULLY, I’ll be able to really master basic CC making for TS4 and eventually figure out how to make some for TS3.

Also, I haven’t abandoned Sims3 at all, I just have not had time to sit down and actually do anything in it. With my little puppy running around and making a mess everywhere and needing constant attention, I’ve been torn between Uni work and Luna, and had maybe an hour a day of free time which I’ve been using to learn CC….

ANYWAY!!! I don’t know what the point of this post is… But I am still a Sims3 blog, I just don’t have a lot of time right now. Yes, okay. Awesome.


Happy Halloween to my good friend extractspoopysims who wanted some ripped up leggings. The styles are individually packaged so you can have both or just one. They are found under the footless leggings in accessories and both have custom thumbnails.


What you get:

  • One full body tattoo (found under the ‘bonsai’ arm tattoo, female only)
  • One top with pentagram and chain detail
  • One pair of shorts with a garter

I take no credit for any of the artwork used for the tattoo, if any of the original creators want the tattoo taken down, feel free to contact me. The garter and the detail on the shirt are all original drawings by me. Please don’t reupload.

Everything in the bundle is packaged seperately, so you don’t have to have all three things in your game.


A full body tattoo, I think it’s found under the ‘bonsai’ basegame tattoo, but I’m not 100% sure. All the tattoos are black and white and the preview picture has not been enhanced at all, they are that dark and sharp in game. I take no credit for any of the art, I found all of it through Google searches. If any of the original creators want this taken down, feel free to contact me.

(dont mind the SUPER sexy sim…) Would anyone be interested in this random tattoo I made?

  Anonymous said:
glad you're still starting a new story :)

Aw yay ^_^ I’m glad someone likes my stories.  Hopefully I can fit it around this pile of uni work and looking after Luna.

Meet the (mostly) new characters for my new currently nameless story

Peace, Lord Plemon, Jaq, Six (belongs to fallynraiyn​) and Ashton

She’s just a baby! How old is she?

She’s two months old ^__^

This is my life now… All she wants to do is snuggle. I am exhausted D;