Space Ghosts
My name is Leith.
I collect male sims and lock them in my closet.

I post pictures of my sims and my art work. I very rarely reblog stuff.

I tag all NSFW with
"Sims NSFW"

Always said I wont be switching to TS4 unless I can recreate my babies and since this is how Jaq turned out… yeah I’m keeping my babies in TS3…

Today has been so hard D;

I need a hug

I was tagged by fallynraiyn


  • take a screenshot of your desktop
  • dont change anything
  • dont delete anything
  • tag 5 people

Not tagging anyone else cause I’m a piece of shit

last couple days of blonde/brown hair O___O bye bye hair

idek i’ve been building again…

You know his ass is fired D8

Working on my custom jacket O____O This is going to take a million years…